Austin 7 Convertible

Much like the Ford Model T that put America on wheels, the tiny, 75-inch wheelbase Austin 7 was Britain’s first true People’s Car.

Decades before the Austin Mini, the simple, compact and cheap Austin 7 was a car that managed to appeal to buyers from a wide range of social and economic standings.

You won’t be going fast in our stunning little 7 convertible but you will have a permanent smile and receive a lot of attention.

Engine - 750cc
Gearbox – 4 speed manual
Colour – Burgundy & Black exterior and red leather interior
Seating Capacity - 2
Year of manufacture – 1936

Hire Periods and Pricing

Daily Hire (9.30am – 5.00pm) from £175.00
Long weekend offer (2 days hire cost) £350.00
Friday 5.30pm – Monday 9.00am
Please go to Car Availability for full pricing details