Triumph Vitesse Convertible

The Triumph Vitesse is a compact six-cylinder car built by Standard-Triumph from May 1962 to July 1971. The car was styled by Giovanni Michelotti, and was available in saloon and convertible variants.

Re-using a name previously used by the pre-Second World War Triumph Motor Company from 1936–38, and was an in-line 6-cylinder performance version of the Triumph Herald small saloon

Our car is the sought after 2.0c Litre with overdrive version which turns the sweet-six cylinder into a capable long-distance tourer for four people.

Engine – 2.0 Litre
Gearbox – 4 speed manual overdrive

Colour – White exterior and black interior

Seating Capacity - 4

Year of manufacture – 1967

Hire Periods and Pricing

Daily Hire (9.30am – 5.00pm) from £195.00
Long weekend offer (2 days hire cost) £390.00
Friday 5.30pm – Monday 9.00am
Please go to Car Availability for full pricing details